Friday, September 24, 2010

Letting the Lord Lead...

Surprised, my mind comes to an abrupt halt.

Ever been thrown for a complete loop, totally unexpected?

Raising my hand, I join in agreement that this has been an experience I have encountered. In all actuality, just recently I have been stopped dead in my tracks with no warning as to what my mind was on the verge of pondering.

Where in the WORLD did this come from?

You try to shut the thought out as it cannot be true. I mean, would not I of taken small notice prior? You wonder, don't you?

It is what it is, so now it's time to deal with the cold, hard facts. You think. You reflect. You question. You look for a way to either negate or affirm what is rushing through your mind.

Will you ever come to conclusions? Is it a matter of time before you can stand with boldness and say whether the thought that stopped you dead in your tracks actually held validity?

But I always told myself no. I closed the blinds on this idea long ago. Surely my mind is playing games.

Yet, you sit and try to quiet your heart realizing the thought still lingers. You were not the instigator. If you were then certainly you would have perceived this long ago. Does that mean it's something deeper? Is there another hand involved?

Personally, I believe when life throws you curve balls or when wild ideas, out of no where, slip into your mind, you must stop and evaluate, reflect, and pray. Completely unexpected events can prove to be the mighty work of the Lord. I've heard life happens when you least expect it. Maybe it's one of those moments...

As I continue to teeter with my life's curve balls, I am letting the Lord lead....will you do the same?

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