Friday, March 11, 2011

You've Encouraged Me!!... Signed, Anonymous

Ever been so encouraged by someone, yet they don't have the tiniest clue???

Frequently this happens in my life.

I stumble across a profile as I'm aimlessly surfing facebook in the boredom of my afternoon. 

Look at her. She's so beautiful! There's a light in her eyes. About me: realizing that instead of serving others I ultimately need to serve the Lord. Favorite quotes: a Bible verse. Religious views: Jesus Christ. Notes about me: wanting/needing to grow closer to the Lord. 

I read this and I desire the exact words she has typed. She is not only gorgeous on the outside, she is a beautiful woman on the inside, I just know! 

Instantaneously I search my heart. Where are my priorities? Who am I serving? Am I striving to deepen my walk with my Savior? I say I want these things, I say I am a Christian, but am I walking the walk? 

I have been encouraged. Does she even know? No....and in all honesty,  I think it's incredibly beautiful that she is oblivious. 

I have been challenged by this woman. She gave me a little "boost", if you will, to keep on keeping on.

Life is full of valleys for us as Christians. We are imperfect human beings; we are never expected to be perfect. We fall, we fail, we stumble. Yet, we also succeed, rejoice, run, and make great strides up to the mountaintop of faith! Oh what bliss when we feel close to our heavenly father. 

Lately, I feel as though I haven't given the Lord the time he deserves. I allow distractions to come in my life from the time I open my eyes to the minute my head hits the pillow. Now, don't get me wrong distractions are a wonderful gift in the midst of a busy day, but discipline is needed. In order to grow in the Lord, one must spend time with the Lord. 

I find that distractions keep me from seeking my Heavenly Father, but more so, I find that my imperfections and areas in my life that I don't have "quite right" stop me from growing in my faith. When I know there's a struggle, I back away....

Hmm... That's interesting since Jesus is the epitome of grace and mercy. Grace and mercy allow me to come freely before the Lord with blemishes, bruises, scars, scrapes, breaks, tears, bumps, and yes, even messed up hair! I don't have to be perfect! All I have to be is me. You know, he DOES already know everything....

This girl, who will remain anonymous, encouraged me beyond words the other day. Her simple facebook statements, reminded me that I can come openly before my heavenly father just as I am. I don't have to be perfect. (She's not perfect either.) I cannot let my imperfections stop me from deepening my walk. When I come, just as I am, the Lord honors my honesty. Even when I feel like I'm not willing to give up a certain area of my life to him, he knows...he sees...and I truly believe he understands. He desires for me to completely surrender, but does see my heart seeking him still even when I'm holding on to that one thing. What he wants is for you and me to come before him with all our messed up lives and open ourselves to him. We are not made to "figure it all out"before we come into his presence. 

So, I stand today saying, I will come before the Lord and seek him despite my failures and despite the areas of my life I don't always feel ready to surrender. I won't allow my imperfections to distance me. I love him, he is worthy, and he deserves an open honest heart who longs to know him more. I will seek him in the midst of the dirt, scum, and grime and he can work out the details! :)

Let's try to live a life where others might be able to say "You've encouraged me!! Signed, Anonymous"...even if it has to be through something as silly as facebook!


  1. so true. even if bad things can come from social networking (and they can) SO many good things can too! thanks for the reminder:)

  2. I love the new background! it reminds me of you! ;) have fun this week!!